Some Sleepers and Busts for your viewing!!!

August 07, 2008 |

2008 Fans Fantasy Football Sleepers and Busts


Now this list is long…but it’s complete


Kurt Warner – he has to start at some point doesn’t he?
Jason Campbell – I am not a big fan, but can’t argue with his completion percentage
Alex Smith – 4000 yard QB’s seem to follow Martz around


Reggie Bush – He can’t be that bad can he?
Thomas Jones – good line, good WR’s…a better TE will all help
Jesse Chatman – seems to always have a good run for a few games…handcuff to Jones?
Tim Hightower – everyone’s buzzing about him…Edge has to slow down at some point…
Andre Hall – RB’s that play in Denver…enough said!
Pierre Thomas – If Deuce is not healthy he could surprise.
Lamont Jordan – vulture supreme?
The rookies: Ray Rice, Jonathan Stewart and Steve Slaton all could get a chance to shine this year!


Calvin Johnson – he is going to be a stud in the NFL…is this the year?
Chris Chambers – With Gates not 100% someone has to catch the ball.
Rashied Davis – Devin Hester is not a starting WR in the NFL…sorry!
Bryant Johnson – If Alex Smith throws for 4000 yards…someone has to catch the ball
Eddie Royal – could surprise if he gets a chance.


Greg Olsen – fast, smart…just a matter of time
Alge Crumpler – in a TE oriented system now…will be VY’s best friend if stays healthy
LJ Smith – Health is the only thing holding him back
Ben Patrick – Size, hands, speed…has the tools…
Will Heller – again has the tools…in a passing system.


John Kitna – Martz is gone…so are 4000 yards
Eli Manning – 23 td’s and 20 ints…Super Bowl winning QB, which stats help you in fantasy more?
Derek Anderson – He may be OK, but he is not a top 5 QB!
Willis McGahee – Something scares me about him in 2008
Jamal Lewis – There is no such thing as a fountain of youth..I see a drop off
Julius Jones – I just don’t see stud will his TD’s be vulture?
Bobby Engram – no way he duplicates 2007
Roddy White – may have a ROOKIE QB throwing to him for a long part of the year.
Desmond Clark – They drafted Mr. Olsen for a reason
Randy McMichael – never could count on him, why start now


Rob Bironas – He can’t duplicate 2007…no way…good kicker, but do not overvalue him


MARCUS MONK (WR) – 6’4” 212 ran a 4.41 in his pro-day…plays in CHICAGO…
JACOB TAMME (TE) – If Dallas Clark goes down…watch out for this guy!

JOSH MORGAN (WR) – If he makes the team in SF…could surprise!

COULD GO EITHER WAY…could be a sleeper…could be a bust…flip a coin:

RONNIE BROWN – coming off of ACL surgery, had a great start to 2007…has RICKY WILLIAMS looming…???

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