Sports Was Born in 1984

June 27, 2012 | Derek Andrews

 My name is Derek L. Andrews Jr, a Washington DC native and currently a senior at Towson University studying Sport Management and Business Administration. If there was one word to describe me, it would be “dedicated.” I have spent my twenty-eight years fighting to be the best I can be. That dedication starts with my daily life. I have a full-time job working as a security contractor for Applied Physics Laboratory and I attend school full-time.

I am constantly presented with challenges ranging from time management and preparation, but I have stayed consistent and it reflects in my work and grades. It has taught me how to stay organized and prepared, and as a result, I am ready for anything that comes my way. People that come across me are amazed how I maintain working full-time overnight and studying for a critical exam or writing a thoughtful research paper.

My sports background started as a kid in the 90’s. Playing basketball and tackle football was an everyday occurrence in my hometown. I took pride in sports and always wanted to play big. The love for covering sports came in 7th grade when I took a creative writing class. This class was a great experience in my young life because I was able to write about anything opening my mind to a bigger world. I would combine my love of sports and writing and pursue the dream of being a reporter and show host. In high school, I got the chance to interview Super Bowl champion Rod Milstead about his involvement with his alma mater, Henry E. Lackey High School, and the opening of his new seafood restaurant. It gave me a small taste of interviewing a former pro and champion of the community.

There are plenty of people who love sports and love Baltimore, who have the desire to be the next Baltimore Sports Media Superstar. I deserve the chance to be your next sports media superstar because I want to be apart of building a giant brand. In Baltimore, “we ball hard” but if you don’t have the bigger prospective, then you are cheapening the experience. I want to not only be a known name in the Baltimore community, but build a brand and legacy beyond.

Listeners should be prepared to experience a different and new twist to covering sports. I am a social scientist at heart and I love to surgically dissect a sport story and get to the root of a situation. I believe that it will bring a different demographic to the show and increase business. Having a new perspective gives the show more diversity and range that will appeal to a new audience. Attracting a new audience would attract new sponsors and businesses. It is about enlarging the brand of WNST.

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