Suggs Says He’s Playing; I Say He’s Crazy

October 19, 2012 | WNST Staff

Now Terrell Suggs is no stranger to flapping off at the mouth. And most people in Baltimore appreciate his personality. But he also doesn’t use the best judgment all the time and can make some bad mistakes.

Everyone knows Terrell Suggs for coining the phrase “Ball So Hard University,” which he can actually thank Jay-Z and Kanye West for, not his own creativity. And now you see those shirts across the entire state; which is a virtual “cash cow” for anyone with the rights to the phrase. Well, Suggs never thought someone else would copy write that phrase the morning after that game versus the Steelers, November 6, 2011. Well, Brian Bussells was first to the trademark, giving him naming rights to develop the apparel and now Suggs legal team thought they could now sue Bussells. Doesn’t look good for Sizzle to win that battle.

This offseason, it was reported he tore his Achilles tendon, “training,” or as Adam Schefter reported playing basketball. Then Suggs tried to retort the comments, in order to cover his own ass and his bank account. Luckily, he plays for a first class organization that realized his happiness is important to the overall well being of the franchise in the present and future, than a couple million dollars.

Now, the same Adam Schefter reported yesterday that Suggs is looking to play this weekend versus the Texans. He did return to practice Wednesday, on a highly limited basis, but that is his first team workout since the New England game in January. WNST’s own Luke Jones saw him in action and believes he looks “heavy;” an expected result of limited training for several months. Suggs was already expected to lose a step with this injury, but being slowed while getting back into shape is another issue all into itself.

Sizzle pushing himself on the field is not only a mistake for his own health, but also not even a possibility at this moment. Suggs has not been activated off the PUP list, meaning he is not on the current 53 man roster; a player cannot even suit up without that declaration. So unless he now makes the rules for the NFL, HE CANNOT PLAY.

Furthermore, Suggs has not been cleared by any doctors to assume the physical nature of football. Doctors take their job pretty seriously, because their ass is on the line if they make a mistake. They will be ones to determine when he steps back onto the field. So unless he now makes the rules for the Ravens and their team doctors, HE CANNOT PLAY.

This whole thought process circling Sizzle’s head is simply mind-boggling. Now maybe this is a ploy by the team to throw the Texans off guard; though they too are professionals and understand the nature of a NFL team. This could be a ploy from Suggs himself, to get back at Adam Schefter for being the whistle-blower on the nature of his injury. Either way, it does not put Suggs on the field.

When he is ready to play, expect him to have another chip on his shoulder. Expect to see a man possessed to prove himself for this distraught defense. Expect him to take over the mantle of ‘emotional leader’ for the Ravens. But expect him to be watching the game on Sunday, just like the rest of us.