Sunday Money – 6-Pack

November 26, 2010 |



We know how it works, right? When a sports team makes a change at the top of the coaching chain, the franchise often realizes a quick jolt of success.

I guess the real reason for such realities is the team didn’t really subscribe to the style or standards of their former boss. For the Minnesota Vikings, it appears an overall contempt for Brad Childress was wedged deeply within the roster.

Enter Leslie Frazier …..

CHICAGO - NOVEMBER 14: Assistant head coach and defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier of the Minnesota Vikings watches as his team takes on the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field on November 14, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. The Bears defeated the Vikings 27-13. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

He’s very popular among players and staff. His resume’ of work is impressive – he’s considered among the brightest defensive coaching minds in the game.

Combine Frazier’s popularity and the tendency for teams to play impressively on the heels of a coaching change and I really like the Vikings chances, this Sunday.

Oh yeah, and they’re playing the Redskins.

Translation: I probably would’ve liked the Vikings, regardless of who serves as the team’s head coach.

Take Minnesota +1 …..


No, this is not just and hunch or suspicion. Over the past couple days, some distinct puffs of smoke have been emerging from the Dallas area.

It seems quite logical to me.

Adam Dunn is a free agent. The Texas Rangers have a need for a platoon 1st baseman/designated hitter.

Why not?

Adam Dunn, a free agent who has signed a $20 million, 2 year contract with the Washington Nationals, attends a press conference in Washington on February 12, 2009. (UPI Photo/Alexis C. Glenn) Photo via Newscom Photo via Newscom

Of course, a couple more plausible factors exist …..

With a new TV deal in place, the Rangers are emerging from the bankruptcy sale pretty nicely. The team will reap $3 billion (not million), over the next 20 years, thanks to the good folks at Fox Sports – Southwest.

Adam Dunn, has probably salivated at the prospect of a short porch, in right field, at the Ballpark In Arlington. The joint is launching pad for homeruns …..

Is there a better way for Nolan Ryan to sway Cliff Lee’s return to Texas?

Signing Adam Dunn would serve as a statement to everyone …..

Given the demand for Dunn and Lee, I’m predicting the Rangers get aggressive PRIOR to next week’s Major League Baseball Winter Meetings.

Stay tuned …..