Sunday night Baker’s HALF Dozen…

April 30, 2007 | Drew Forrester

…7 thoughts from the weekend.

1. I like the Ravens draft.  I’m not “over the moon” about it, because it would have been great to get Joe Staley at #29, but I think on the surface it looks like a solid 2-days of work for Ozzie, Eric and Co.  I really like the Figurs pick…the man has speed to burn and as we saw last year with Chicago’s Devin Hester, a game-breaker at the kick return spot is something to treasure. 

2. New England is gettin’ all the love from the national media and why shouldn’t they?  They’ve added a bunch of pass-catching weapons for Tom Brady in the off-season, grabbed the mercurial Randy Moss today in a steal (4th round pick) and have San Fran’s first pick in next year’s draft thanks to the deal that helped the 49’ers land Joe Staley one pick before the Ravens would have likely picked him.  Throw in Saturday’s 1st round pick, Brandon Meriweather (Safety) from the University of Miami, and it’s easy to see why everyone is touting the Patriots as a Super Bowl Contender in ’07.  Of course, they still have to play the games next season.

3. Hope you watched the first 3 innings of today’s 6-1 O’s loss at Cleveland.  If so, you probably watched the final three innings of Jaret Wright’s 2007 Orioles campaign.  Everyone is talking about how gritty and gutsy he is and that’s good to see (and hear) in a day and age when some of those cats aren’t willing to play with a stomach-ache.  But something tells me there’s more to this shoulder injury than it first appeared.  I hope it’s not his final outing of the season because I think that will hurt the Birds down the road.  But, as I like to say, “I’d bet a Chinese Lunch” that we don’t see him again in ’07.

4. Thank the baseball Gods for allowing the O’s to scratch out that 7-4 win on Saturday night, or else they’d be staring a 7-game losing skid in the face.  On to Detroit now…where it doesn’t get any easier.  Side note:  If Cleveland’s pitching holds up and Joe Borowski turns in to a dependable closer, the Indians could be dangerous this season.

5. We’re not even through the first full month of the season yet, so it’s FAR too early to start talking about who looks good, etc., but the Red Sox look awfully strong in the A.L. East.  Awfully strong indeed.  In the National League, Cincinnati’s Aaron Harang and erstwhile Oriole John Maine (Mets) both improved to 4-0 on the year with pitching wins on Sunday. 

6. Good to see Scott Verplank win again on the PGA Tour.  Solid player, outstanding person and further proof that “good things happen to good people.”  The guy he held off today in Dallas – Luke Donald – is of the same ilk. 

7.  So now that the NFL draft is over, what do we all talk about until the end of July?  Seriously.

Talk to you all tomorrow morning…