Sunday Night Flight of Ideas

September 15, 2008 |

  • Anyone catch the interview of Ed Hale by Drew on the Comcast Morning this past Thursday? I laughed when Hale told the story of the phone call he received from then Governor Schaefer regarding Hale’s attempts to build an arena at the Timonium Fairgrounds. Other comments made explained why the regular season finale against Detroit was such a great game – the players knew that it would probably be the last time they would play against each other.
  • Does the world need to know personal details regarding Vince Young’s state of mind? What about Vince Young, the man?  Doesn’t he deserve a bit more privacy?  Jeff Fisher is concerned about his mental state, tells the police, and next thing you know Fisher’s concerns about Young are being quoted on the web and in the papers.  Surely Fisher didn’t want that information to become public.
  • What would you rather have in your city – having to deal with your NFL football team having to more or less forfeit their bye week and have to play 15 straight games, or having to deal with city-wide destruction from a hurricane? I’ll count my blessings and gladly take the former.
  • Maryland beats Cal – as my son would say “Didn’t see that one coming”.
  • Ask any referee or player – a soccer match played on a hot day is at least 10 degrees hotter than playing on natural grass.
  • The nerve of describing how they beat the Twins on Sunday by the score of 7-3 as a “pounding” when the Twins had defeated the Orioles 12-2 and 12-6 in the true double header on Saturday.  While I listening to some of it on the radio, I could actually hear loud and clear cheering for the Twins. Later I moved to the television for the night cap, and watched as Garrett Olson couldn’t even make it through the first inning. Then Randor Bierd was wilder than wild in relief.