Sunday night…time to hand out a memo or two

September 23, 2007 | Drew Forrester

Memo to Marvin Lewis:

Nice defense.


Memo to Romeo Crennel:

That’s the Jamal Lewis (56 yds) and Derek Anderson (18-37, 2 picks) WE knew in Baltimore.


Memo to Scott Linehan:

Your contract in St. Louis…it IS guaranteed, right?


Memo to Matt Schaub and the Texans:

You’re not quite ready to take THAT step, yet, guys.


Memo to Mike Tomlin and “yins” in “dahn-tahn” Pittsburgh:

Eventually, you’ll have to play a tough team or two.  They’re not ALL going to be gimme’s.


Memo to Joe Gibbs:

The league’s gonna fine you if they can absolutely prove you stole the Ravens “red-zone” play-calling book.  Tsk, tsk.


Memo to Norv Turner:

Try this game-plan next week, Norv.  1st down, get the ball to LT.  2nd down, get the ball to LT.  3rd down, get the ball to LT.  Just try it.  Trying to fake the other team out by PRETENDING you’re going to over-use LT isn’t working.


Memo to Herm Edwards:

Go out tonight and get yourself a nice steak in KC.  Enjoy it.  REALLY enjoy it.  You might only have 3 more happy Sunday meals left this season.


Memo to the Vikings:

You guys shouldn’t be allowed to eat for 24 hours.  How on earth do you lose to the Chiefs?


Memo to the Arizona Cardinals:

You can NOT run on the Ravens.  How dumb are you guys?  Throw, throw, throw and throw.  Get it?


Memo to the Bills:

Good things will happen to you guys.  Hang in there.  It might be 2011, but better days are ahead.


Memo to Brian Billick:

Don’t listen to sports talk radio tomorrow.  You’ll think your team lost.