Sunday’s NFL action provides a clear message; Ravens are still a top team

December 13, 2010 |

The Ravens really are just as talented as any AFC team …. that doesn’t play its home games in the state of Massachusetts …..

If the Ravens don’t want to become the predicted contender that crashes and burns, they MUST get back on track tonight, in Houston …..

I’m not buying into Jacksonville or San Diego, regardless of whether these cities host postseason games. At the same time, I think the offensive woes in Pittsburgh and Indianapolis are a glaring example of the damage that results from mounting injuries; premier quarterback or not.

Are the Jets and Chiefs true contenders? Nah …. we witnessed their dysfunction, yesterday. Both teams have been inconsistent during this most crucial stretch of the season. Although, I’ll concede the Jets can extinguish some growing doubt by going into Pittsburgh and winning next week’s game.

So, that leaves the Ravens for dissection …..

Inconsistent offensive attack? Yep.

Inability to secure late leads against the good teams? Absolutely.

Managing a lukewarm pass rush and secondary? No doubt.

But, the Ravens also hold the distinction of being in EVERY GAME and LEADING EVERY GAME in the 4th quarter, this season. That’s a huge factor for me and I think it’s indicative of a solid football team.

I foresee the Texans as being the 9th win on John Harbaugh’s season agenda. For every plausible reason, Joe Flacco and company should exploit Houston’s very vulnerable defense. If so, it’s a step in the right direction and toward the playoffs.

Anything can happen …. a roof caves in …. a strength and conditioning coach trips an opposing player …. the Chicago Bears fold up in winter weather. Yep, that’s the strange reality of the NFL.

But, yesterday’s action primarily served as an absolute reminder of the Ravens plight ….

They’re just as good or better than any AFC team. Of course, once again, the exclusion is any team that plays home games in Massachusetts.

That’s another story …..