Super Bowl Radio Row Highlights — Day 4

January 29, 2009 |

I got to interview Joe Flacco who was named the NFL Rookie of the Year by the fans today through voting on Joe stopped by with the trophy, and he was as laid back as ever. Check out all of WNST’s audio and video on

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill didn’t come on the show, but they were right next to us. One of the hottest bodies ever!!! Tim must work out. I’M KIDDING!!!

Nestor and Drew still acting like kids over Bruce Springsteen. Bruce has some good tunes, but Jesus!!! Whatever you do, don’t talk bad about “The Boss” in front of Nestor or Drew. Pathetic. I bet you a dollar that they sleep with their Bruce CDs.

I am watching everyone freeze to death on radio row. I’m not a big fan of the heat. I’m fat, I have high blood pressure, and I was still freezing. There is a Starbucks selling hot chocolate, hot tea and hot coffee. Maybe they are behind the radio row chill.

Joe Theismann stopped by and talked football and prostate health. In my opinion, Joe is one of the best analysts around. I have no idea why he was let go by ESPN for one of those other guys. Joe is genuinely concerned about dudes being healthy. That’s pretty cool.

Jay Glazer from Fox Sports stopped by. Jay is the most connected man in the NFL. Always breaking stories first. Off the air, Jay said please don’t talk about football so we didn’t. We talked some MMA, and it was one of my favorite segments of the week.

Jared from Subway stopped by and pimped the sandwiches. He was once over 400 pounds. Gives me hope!!!

Soon to be Pro Football Hall of Famer Rod Woodson talked about the NFL Network, Ravens/Steelers, Ray Lewis and coaching. Always good to see anyone from the Super Bowl champion Ravens team. A must-listen-to interview.

My lowlight of the day was having to eat a sandwich from Starbucks. It cost me $7 bucks for a crappy roll with a piece of turkey on it. By the way, who pays eight bucks for a cup of coffee? Apparently everyone. Whatever.

Back tomorrow with the final day of Super Bowl XLIII Radio Row. We’ve got Ray Lewis, Stacy Keibler, Kenny Mayne, potential NFL No. 1 pick Matthew Stafford of Georgia, Devin Hester and much, much more. Remember if you miss any of it, you can see and hear it on