Super Bowl Sunday …. or Saturday ???

February 02, 2011 |

We have all considered ways of improving selective sporting events, right? From reducing prices for Orioles tickets, to allowing fans to bring food into Ravens games, all of us have ideas for making our experience more enjoyable.

And, as far as opinions and suggestions go, EVERYONE has an idea or two when it comes to improving the presentation of a Super Bowl …..

Let’s face it, the NFL goes thru a lot of painstaking planning to pull off the biggest party and celebration of any and every sports year. For the most part, they get it right. But, they also make some questionable calls.

I understand some of the decisions are rooted in tradition, and historic habits are hard to break. But, some creations and orchestrations are just mind-boggling, if not silly.

Here are my suggestions for improving the BIGGEST EVENT OF THE SPORTS YEAR …..

Super Bowl Saturday – Why does the NFL stick its head in the sand on this subject? I realize an overwhelming majority of football games are played on Sundays, during the regular season. But, this is an event that is witnessed by football and non-football fans, alike.

Some traditionalists will say “Sunday is for football.” And, the business savvy might view Saturday as an evening of social events and personal entertainment. But, I don’t think a single soul who enjoys the Super Bowl will forsake it for an opportunity to enjoy “movie night” at the local theatre.

If the Super Bowl was played on a Saturday evening, the populous of America would have a day to recover from partying, before starting a new work week. And, those who travel for the game would also have that built-in day to get home, before Monday arrives.

Am I alone in wanting to see a Super Bowl on Saturday, instead of Sunday?

Halftime Entertainment – Yeah, I realize this is a trivial component.  But, who really selects the musical artists performing at halftime. After five successive years of great acts, including the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Prince, Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen, the NFL has struck a DUD in these past two shows.

Last year, we were subjected to an awful performance by The Who, as they failed to deliver on an extravagant stage. Perhaps, the Roger Goodell could’ve sent someone to see The Who perform or audition to see if they still had “IT” – which they don’t !!!!

This year’s selection, The Black Eyed Peas, are an obvious step down in the legendary quality found among recent performers. Are the Black Eyed Peas really the best act the NFL could imagine? I can see an intent to provide a more relevant artist, in today’s market, for the worldwide audience.

That said, veteran acts, such as ACDC, Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Madonna and Def Leppard would have been better choices. In the realm of more current acts, Jay-Z, Coldplay, Kenny Chesney and Green Day would have been more resonating, as well.

For the record, none of the above mentioned acts have ever performed at a Super Bowl.

Ticket Distribution – Is there a more equitable method for ensuring FOOTBALL FANS get access to Super Bowl tickets? Under the current system, every NFL player gets tickets to the game and thousands more are distributed to sponsors, partners and bigwigs.

Only a fraction of tickets are actually available to the very people who pay the freight and ensure the National Football League exists; THE FAN.

I’m imagining nearly every football enthusiast would love to attend a Super Bowl in their lifetime. But, the secondary market appears to be the only viable way of getting tickets. Based on this year’s sales, how many of us can afford $2,000 for a single seat? Not me ….

Well, do you have ideas or suggestions? I will bounce this subject off Thyrl, when we spend a couple mid-day hours together, around lunch time. Have a GREAT Wednesday and stay warm !!!!