Super Bowl Viewing Venues

February 01, 2011 | Tom Federline

Where are you going to be this coming Sunday afternoon/evening? Will you be watching the Super Bowl at all? Or let’s say, are you going to be at a venue where a football game will probably be on in the background? Is it at a bar, a friends house, the confines of your own home or is anyone headed to Dallas? All plausible choices. I will recommend though – if not a Steelers fan, DO NOT attend any function hosted by Steeler fans or one where Steeler fans are present. Depending on your demeanor, it could be a positive or negative outcome.

Going to the ball game? Probably a nice trip. If you have disposable income. A classic for the Visa Priceless commercial though. $2,500.00 plus, for a ticket stub, a halftime show and travel. Yeah I know, it’s the experience. To each their own. Not me, not on my bucket list. I have never been, so I cannot relay personal account. When the Ravens fire Cam Cameron and make it, maybe I’ll go. Depends on destination also. It’s 24 – 40 degrees in Dallas and there’s a massive winter storm hitting the midwest and northeast. Can you say delay/cancelled?

A bar or party at friends house? Great idea, if you do not want to watch the game. Usually, there is so much else going on, the game is secondary.  Yes, the game is on, but are you really able to watch it? All depends on the crowd. Knowledgable fans, minimal disruptions, select group, boom you’re there. Normal party atmosphere, unattentive viewers, novice football fans, forget it – pour me another or where’s the food? This year may be good for those type of distractions, depending on outcome. All you really need is: a) the scores at the end of the quarters, b) be able to watch the halftime show, and c) who won. Remember,  you are out. You have to drive home, late on a Sunday night, on probably the second most dangerous night to drive other than New Years. Be smart. Be safe.

The confines of your own home? Ah yes, in the safe realm of your own “Man Cave”. Man what? What the heck is with this “Man Cave” phenomena? Since when did the “Family/TV Room” become the “Maaaan Cave”? I know when. It was when the Den, Game Room, Basement became the – Entertainment Center, Home Theatre Room, Fitness Area of your……… house. It is when a Library became ………a Media Center. Man Cave? I don’t even like caves! They are cold, wet and dark. Bats, snakes, bears, insects live in them. They are usually located on the side of a cliff or side of a mountain of which you could be seriously injured from a fall or being trapped from a “cave-in”. No caves for me.

I understand the premise of developing that special place in your home where you can go escape, meditate, relax, watch – eat – drink – listen to what you want. That place where you can just breathe deep, if only for 1/2 hour, have some alone time or have the crew over for a small gathering. So why aren’t there “Woman Caves?”  A woman requires the same designated area. Both caves are along the same premise – “No opposite sex allowed unless invited. This is MY domain. Enter at own risk. What happens in the cave, stays in the cave.” No double entendres intended, hmmmm. The “Man Cave”? Palease. 

So if you just want to kick back, drink Pina Coladas and feel the need to “Escape” – (Rupert Holmes), I highly recommend the confines of your own home. I more than likely will be watching portions of the game, while wearing a Cheesehead, from the room that does have a framed aerial shot of the Pittsburgh Stadium. Give me a break, the picture does have significance. It reflects one of my professional accomplishments that I was part of. Super Bowl Sunday – my house, my friends. my family, my fireplace, my music, my TV clicker, my sports infested…………….”Man Cave”. Uh-oh, what have I created? GO PACK GO!