Super Snow Weekend

February 05, 2010 | Tom Federline

So, what are your predictions? No, not for Super Bowl Sunday, Dolts vs. Saints. For snow accumulation? Could the weather forecaster extremists be right this time? 40 inches? 40? When it comes to snow, this town is nuts. I’ll say (19) inches and Go Saints. For some reason, I like that number (19). For fun, let’s go – Saints 20 Dolts 10. Have to go against the grain. But there’s big money here, audience wants a shoot out, the refs will let them have it and everyone is in love with the guy on the Dolts that makes cool commercials. Need snow and game predictions.

Have you seen enough Super Bowl hype and enough of the Baltimore Colts uniforms yet? I did ……..last week. “Old school” talkin’ here, I still can’t take watching that team from Indianapolis wearing the Baltimore Colts uniforms. At least the game is outside. To bad they didn’t host the game here this weekend. Now that, would have peaked my interest. Dwight Freeney “semi”-hurt bodes well for the Saints. And that’s about all I care about. I really have no interest to watch the game except for two reasons: 1. Halftime. 2. Danica Patrick commercial.

Snow, what will Roger Daltrey, Pete Townsend and ensemble, play at halftime? I would like to hear – Side Two of “Who’s Next” – Getting In Tune, Going Mobile, Behind Blue Eyes, Won’t Get Fooled Again! Are you kiddin’ me? Yes youngsters, they used to make “albums” with meaning and that had more than 1 hit on them. I wore groves so deep on that side of the album, I had to buy a new one because it was starting to affect “Baba O’ Riley (Teenage Wasteland)” on the other side. Hopefully they will encore with one of my top 5 all time songs – “Who Are You”! Now that gets my heart going. Along with Danica Patrick.

The Game, for the most part is a “made for TV” football showcase. Every once in awhile, we get surprised. To much pageantry for me – unless the Ravens were playing. Just give me my numbers from the Block Pool, halftime, commercials, a fire in the fireplace and I’m a “Happy Jack” – The Who.

Snow, all you really have to do this weekend, is keep one path clear for Sunday:

Only shovel twice, clean the house, get ready for the Super Bowl, prepare the food you stood in line for (I hope you didn’t) and hope for only (19) inches of snow. Go Saints.

TV Watch – if you get the chance and IF they play………Catch  Terps BBall, 2:00 pm Sunday. Carolina is in town and are ripe for the pickin’. Looks like the Terps have a center. (Lonni Baxter Jr.), I mean Jordan Williams, grew up real quick. The kid holds his own as a freshman and gets better with every game. Milbourne and Mosely have also come of age. It was nice seeing Vasquez light up Florida State ………… and their fans. Catch the Terps while they’re hot. Hunker down gang, looks like we gonna get some Thunder Snow.