Super Sunday

February 09, 2011 | Tom Federline

The Steelers lost! Enough said. Finally at 10:30pm, Sunday became Super enough!

NFL Champions of 2010 – the Green Bay Packers. That has a much better ring to it than, NFL Champions of 2010 – the Dirtiest Team in football. Whether by suspension, penalty or fine and even some deserved resilience… have to give the Steelers credit for getting there. But man, the black and gold in the Super Bowl just felt all wrong. Not that the Ravens deserved to be there. Because they didn’t. Let me say it one last time – “The talent on the field exceeded the coaching abilities on the sidelines. The Ravens have problems and it starts at the top.” So, no Ravens and it should go without saying – NO Indy Irsays. For some reason, this year took on that Duke basketball vibe of  “Anybody but the Steelers!” So, major shout out to Green Bay.

Other than the Steelers loss. Was it really that Super? The only pre-game I caught, was the Glee/GQ gal, Lea Micheles drawn out version of  “America the Beautiful”, which I did not particularly care for. Then there was the Christina Aguilera/Cyndi Lauper look-a-like, debacle with “The National Anthem”. Whatever happened to someone actually just singing the patriotic songs of our country as intended? No personal accents, no new renditions, no “signature” over-the-top presentation, just use those God-given vocal chords and sing with respect. Oh and know the lyrics. Nice concentration Christina………not so super.

The commercials did not live up to their hype. Of the ones I caught, I thought 90% of them were bogus. I guess I was looking for actual creativity versus advertisements for future TV shows and movies. 3 million bucks a pop and people actually got paid to produce them. Me thinks there are a few job openings. I did like the Budweiser one with the western wrangler going into the bar and breaking out in Elton Johns “Tiny Dancer”. Fo the most part, the commercials………..not so super.

Halftime Extravaganza – to long – need a break for another round of food (dessert). On the positive, let’s say Fergie. Second, I’ll say Fergie and Slash. Third, let’s go with Fergie again. I want one of those lighted, hooded, silver unitard deals. I would like to see the Teams Marching Bands or top local High School marching bands out there. They should have the championship for the punt, pass and kick competition. Finally simply celebrate the past NFL season with highlights on the big screen. There’s the old school coming out again. Oh, and Fergie should be the host. That would be ……….super.

Finally the game. After two weeks of Pittsburgh/Green Bay game breakdown along with every conceivable Super Bowl related topic discussed ad nauseum………..I was ready for some football. And we were not disappointed. The first TD, then to come back in less than a minute with an interception return for TD…..Go Pack Go. Did you notice the outside temperature “increasing” as the night went on? That was from a few million Ravens fans exhaling at 14-0, halftime and finally at the end. Three turnovers = 21 points. Clay Matthews hit on Mendenhall forcing the fumble was huge. The bogus face mask penalty at the beginning of the 2nd half – had shades of a “fix”. Packers losing two key players during the game and coming out flat for the 3rd quarter…….there was reason for concern. T-minus two minutes and the bad guys still had a chance. There was a little anxiety build-up. The right team won! The end to a nice Super Sunday.

Real quick. If there is football next year. A full entire season. The Ravens make some key moves. The current offensive coordinator and head coach receive life changing awakenings. Annnnd the Ravens end up making it to the Super Bowl……..let’s rent an RV and head to Indy! ‘Cause we be “On the Road Again” – Willie Nelson. That’s right folks, next year the Super Bowl is in Indianapolis Irsay’s land. The Ravens win the NFL Championship in Indy…… that’s Super!