Team Needs: Denver Broncos

March 08, 2011 | Brian Billick

The Bronco’s have the 2nd overall pick in the 2011 draft and have two principles, new President John Elway, and 2nd year GM Brian Xanders, who have never run a draft so it may be tough to predict what their thinking might be.

The Broncos have not made a top 10 pick since 1991 when they chose LB Mike Croel out of Nebraska.

Denver was 13th in the NFL in offense in 2010 and have a young and improving core to continue to build around.  Certainly the quarterback position is pivotal going forward, but with Kyle Orton and last years #1 pick Tim Tebow, it is unlikely that the Broncos will feel the need to do anything at this position in the first two days of the draft.

That’s good, because the Bronco’s were last in the league in total defense and points allowed.  The Bronco’s have been bad on defense for a while and are going to have a tough time improving on their 4-12 record until they get better on that side of the ball.

New Head Coach John Fox knows what solid defense looks like coming from a 9 year stint with the Panthers and will likely make rebuilding that side of the ball priority #1.

Getting a solid edge pass rusher to counter Elvis Dumervil could be the top priority for the Broncos in a draft heavy in defensive lineman.

In addition to having the #2 overall pick the Bronco’s have 4 selections among the first 100 players and it would not be a surprise to see all four go to the defensive side of the ball.

The Broncos will face the AFC East and the NFC North as their out of division foes along with game against Cincinnati and Tennessee.