Team Needs: Indianapolis Colts

March 22, 2011 | Brian Billick

The Indianapolis Colts have cracked the code to remaining the model of consistency in the NFL.

Draft a great quarterback and surround him with the offensive talent he needs to keep the team among the top offensives in the league every year.

Picking at 22 is familiar territory for GM Bill Polian.  The colts are very familiar with letting the first half of the round take its course and letting the remaining talent fall back to them.  Only once in the last decade has Indy picked higher than their current pick at 22, they selected Dwight Freeney 11th overall in 2002.

After suffering a series of injuries that would have crippled most teams, Peyton Manning and the Colts once again posted double digit wins and secured the division.

The Colts have historically done an excellent job developing young talent while transitioning older players out slowly.

The one area that the Colts are likely to address is the offensive line.  At 22, they should have several attractive options whether they decide to go with a Tackle or interior lineman.

The first round may be to early to address it, but Center Jeff Saturday is nearing the end of his career and finding his future replacement could become a secondary priority.

The Colts get no breaks with the schedule this year having to face the AFC North and NFC South along with Kansas City and New England.