Team Needs: Minnesota Vikings

March 18, 2011 | Brian Billick

The collapse of the Metrodome roof was metaphoric to the collapse of a team that was just one game away from the Super Bowl a season before.

Going into the 2011, there are substantially more questions than answer with the Minnesota Vikings, particularly in a division that houses both teams from the 2010 NFC Championship game.

Defensively, what had been an NFC staple for several years has begun to show its age. Kevin Williams, Pat Williams, Jimmy Kennedy, Ben Leber and Antoine Winfield are all in the 30+ club.

Offensively there is a great deal of talent at WR, RB and TE.  However, the offensive line has not performed up to its billing and the QB situation is a huge question mark.

In 2005 the Vikings passed on Aaron Rodgers twice. Once, to draft WR Troy Williamson at #7, and again at #18, to take DE Erasmus James. Neither lived up to their selection and more noteworthy, neither are even on the roster.

If one of the top QB’s should slip to Minnesota’s #12 pick, it will be interesting to see if they are willing to pass. If they are, there should be several attractive options at the offensive line position, but very limited choices to address their other area of concern, DB.

The Vikings will have to make due with just two picks in the first two days of the draft because they gave up their 3rd round pick in the Randy Moss trade (also not with the team).

Minnesota has the tough NFC South as their our of division opponent along with Arizona and Washington.  They will pick up the AFC West as their out-of-conference foes.