Tebow, the Ravens and a Trip Down Memory Lane

March 20, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson

No, I don’t think the Ravens should consider bringing in Tim Tebow, but there are a couple of Ravens related points to be made regarding Tebow as we prepare to ramp up the Tim Tebow drama (redundant I know) once again.  Both too, are history lessons of sorts.


The first is simple. It was the Ravens pick that Denver acquired to draft Tim Tebow in the first place in the first round of the 2010 draft. While their haul of picks, amounting to Sergio Kindle, Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta is debatable in terms of return on investment, it’s worth mentioning that the Ravens (indirectly) got some real value out of Tebow already and spared themselves the inherent drama. Chalk one up for Ozzie Newsome and crew.


The second is more debatable, but interesting nonetheless. The expected Tebow drama the Broncos are in the midst of isn’t altogether unlike the Ravens treatment of Trent Dilfer post-Super Bowl in 2001.


In both cases it could be argued that the teams were being greedy, as both had experienced inexplicable success under their previous QB. The Ravens were being much greedier coming off of a Super Bowl win rather than a single playoff game, and as Elvis Grbac relates to Peyton Manning, the Ravens were being much more hopeful too.


The Ravens were stuck in neutral under Tony Banks, fans were begging for Dilfer to get a shot, he got it, and the Ravens began winning and never stopped. The Broncos were likewise stuck in neutral under Kyle Orton, fans were calling for Tebow, they got him (albeit in an apparent effort by John Elway and John Fox to prove Tebow’s inadequacies which seemed to backfire…to the tune wins and hype) they began winning and continued it enough to get to the playoffs and win a game once they got there.


The Ravens didn’t believe in Dilfer despite his success enough to continue on with him, as the Broncos seem contented to do with Tebow. At least Dilfer looked like a quarterback, most thought him an average at best QB, but a moderately successful QB no doubt. In Tebow’s case, the book is out on whether or not he can even ever learn to throw a ball properly. That’s quarterback 101.


Once the Ravens decided on Grbac, right wrong or indifferent, they had no choice but to jettison Dilfer, as at every misstep from Grbac fans would have been calling for their improbable Super Bowl hero. In Manning, the Broncos have at least built a far better shield of credibility against such attacks, and can better justify their choice based on talent, but his success is in no way guaranteed, and the distraction of Tebow and his throngs of supporters, is for that reason, no longer welcome in Denver.


It’s unfortunate, but it’s good business.