Tebow, the Ravens and a Trip Down Memory Lane

March 20, 2012 | Thyrl Nelson



Elvis Grbac flopped miserably in his one and only season with the Ravens for a variety of reasons some within his control, others not so much. Dilfer meanwhile went on to moderate successes in a couple of other NFL locations.


What Tebow managed to do in Denver last season was improbable, and inexplicable, but it’s also undeniable. In order to be considered a success in Denver, Manning will have to do better; whether or not he will remains to be seen.


Throughout the Manning courtship I looked at Jacksonville as a perfect landing spot for Manning and struggled as to why neither side seemed to think the same. Part of that perception for me was based on Manning’s chances at revenge on the Colts by staying in the AFC South. While that benefit is exclusive to Manning, the rest could be to Tebow’s advantage too.


The Jags have a good running game and a strong defense (especially strong when playing from ahead and controlling the ball); they have a strong tight end but not much at wide receiver. More than the chance to win in Jacksonville though for Manning and/or Tebow is the chance to win over Jacksonville and possibly save the franchise in the process. What better legacy could either hope for than that?


Throughout the process I asked if Manning couldn’t rescue the Jags who could? The only reasonable answer of course is Tebow. Either would provide a perfect litmus test; and in the event that he can’t who better to usher the team into Los Angeles in a couple of years with a high profile?


And where better to possibly lead a team to the playoffs and a possible collision with Denver or chance to one up them than in Jacksonville for Tebow?


The bigger question now is will they or anyone else welcome in the distraction?