Terrell Owens – A Baltimore Raven ???

March 05, 2009 |

BREAKING NEWS – The Dallas Cowboys have released Terrell Owens.  The Baltimore Ravens need a wide receiver.  Ray Lewis insinuated he could control the combustible Owens, during recent overtures with media ….. as it related to Ray joining the Cowboys.

Ray is back in Baltimore.  Can he control T.O. in a Ravens locker room ???  Is John Harbaugh willing to take the chance?  Is Ozzie Newsome willing to take the chance?  Is Steve Bisciotti willing to take the chance ???

Before they say NO and before you say NO, think about it …..

He is the wide receiver the Ravens desperately need.  Can we patch up the “shaft job” he did to us a few short years ago?  It’s business – I can forgive and forget.  I wanna win. 

I will take TERRELL OWENS RIGHT FREAKIN’ NOW !!!!!  How about you …..