Texas DB Aaron Williams: Corner or Safety?

March 24, 2011 | Brian Billick

Aaron Williams is best defined as a Defensive Back rather than as a Safety or Corner.  Right now, he is a tweener prospect that may add value by being just that; a versatile player that can contribute at both positions.

At the combine, Williams measured in at 5’11 7/8 and 204 pounds.  He jumped a 37.5 vertical and ran a 4.46 40-yard dash.

As a player he draws comparisons to Cedric Griffin and Aaron Ross.  He has a good short area burst but isn’t overly physical.  He is better in off coverage than in press, and plays well in space.  When in man coverage, he has shown that he is susceptible to the double move and can be a step late in his break.  Because of that ability in space and his slow backpedal to break transition, many teams like him better as a Safety.  But even playing the Safety position, the defensive coordinator would have the flexibility to walk him down and man up the slot receiver.

Williams reads run quickly and attacks the line of scrimmage aggressively.  He keeps outside contain and forces runners back inside to the rest of the defense.  He sometimes leaves his feet when making tackles which leads to a drop in consistently bringing down the ball carrier.