That Old Shoe

April 27, 2008 |

Have you ever had a pair of old shoes that fit your feet like a glove?

Everyone around you would tell you that it was time to get rid of those shoes. There were shoes out there to do the same thing the old shoes did, but better looking. The old shoes had scuff marks on it, had worn down soles, and other issues old shoes would have.

Now, when you dress up and wanted to do other things, you would wear other shoes, but the old pair served it’s purpose.

I’ve been told all weekend to go to the NFL Network for draft coverage. I did, but I returned to my old shoes.

Now, I believe the NFL Network is a better for NFL coverage on a daily basis, but for draft coverage, ESPN is my old shoe.

ESPN is comfortable for me during draft coverage. I tried the NFL Network on, but it doesn’t fit right. Nothing’s wrong, but ESPN is better, for me, during the NFL draft.