The 15-7-0 is jealous of fans of good NFL teams. Like the Panthers. And the Jets.

November 04, 2013 | Glenn Clark

Seven “not so positive” observations…

1. You’ll have to forgive the Houston Texans if perhaps they had some other things on their minds Sunday night.

Is there a more exciting player to watch in the NFL than Colts punter Pat McAfee? This is a stunningly serious question.

Remember the time TY Hilton scored a TD without even needing shoes?

Meanwhile Deandre Hopkins ballin’.

2. Speaking of which, between Kubiak and John Fox I’ve had just about enough of these terribly serious stories in the 15-7-0. Can we just get back to Whizzinators and strippers breaking bottles already? Thanks.

Meanwhile elsewhere in Denver…

3. What happened to Towson Saturday night was so awful I was expecting to see Reggie Miller standing on the sideline with his hands on his own neck staring at Spike Lee.

This couldn’t REALLY have happened, right?

4. Remember when you would play Madden ’95 and once in like every 100 games you’d start losing one and you’d furiously dive for the reset button on the Super Nintendo? Matt Ryan has spent the last month doing the exact same thing.

Apparently Panthers RB Mike Tolbert is a Jamal Anderson fan.

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