The 15-7-0 is sick of all these NFL bullies. You know, like the Jaguars. Big bullies.

November 11, 2013 | Glenn Clark

6. Florida State is well on their way to the BCS title game, Jameis Winston is well on his way to the Heisman Trophy. But perhaps the most significant honor is that FSU’s coach has finally surpassed a Simpsons character as the world’s most popular Jimbo.

The game was so boring no one even bothered to make a GIF. But on Sunday night, Winston was hanging out with Florida Georgia Line. Of course he thought it was a Lenny Kravitz show until they started playing. (It’s a joke because he doesn’t have good vision. Get it?)

Elsewhere in the ACC, how did that Pitt/Notre Dame game end up?

Further elsewhere in the ACC, remember that time the Miami punter decided the more appropriate thing to do would be to hit victory formation?

Your reaction, ‘Canes fans?

7. Before the end of the season, USC will both build a statue of and then later fire Ed Orgeron.

The Trojans returned three punts for TD’s in their easy win over Cal. This guy is pretty freaking fantastic.

Elsewhere in the Pac-12, these gals.

8. The New Orleans Saints could have probably scored more points than the New Orleans Pelicans Sunday night if they had wanted to. Plus they wouldn’t have been named after a pelican.

At least Jerry Jones had a good time in The Easy…

What’s your reaction, totally normal fan from The Big Easy?

I’m not sure what that is-but it isn’t quite as good of a mascot as the Pelicans’.

9. This is the part of the 15-7-0 where I say something about how good Calvin Johnson is. Of course, I’ve used about every word I could possibly think of to describe it already-so I think I’ll have to make one up now. How about “arkenstacialobious”? That sounds good. We’ll go with that.

I mean, he’s good, right?

And Nick Fairley made a huge stop on a last second two point conversion try. And then he did this, which was way more interesting.

10. At this point I assume Mack Brown is pretty much just walking around Austin with his middle fingers extended, no?

Texas might have won, but West Virginia’s helmets didn’t suck. Unless you just think West Virginia sucks. I think West Virginia sucks. But perhaps one of you enjoyed their helmets?

Elsewhere in the Big Ten, nice little Veteran’s Day tribute from Texas Tech Saturday. At least up until kickoff, anyway.

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