The 15-7-0 is sick of all these NFL bullies. You know, like the Jaguars. Big bullies.

November 11, 2013 | Glenn Clark

11. And in local college football, Morgan State got a last second win and Johns Hopkins punched their ticket to the NCAA Tournament. It was a nice weekend. You know who else had a nice weekend? Thor. Yeah, when you think about it-Morgan and Hopkins had just as nice of a weekend as Thor had. Well, other than the whole thing where Thor has made $327 million worldwide. Other than that, just as nice.

Meanwhile Towson had the week off, to…umm…I don’t know…watch Steve Blake play the role of Kobe Bryant?


12. Nice win for Ben Roesthlisberger-who denied reports he wants to be traded after the game by defiantly stating “I’m a Pittsburgher”. Of course the part no one reported was the part after that was where he said “BLAHAHAHAHA! PITTSBURGHER? You jokers really call yourselves that? What’s next? People from Portland call themselves Port Chops? Oh man. That’s rich. But really, how quickly can you get me on a flight to Phoenix?”

Le’Veon Bell scored a touchdown in the win. I tell you that because watching the video will make you think it was Mike Adams.

13. Fresno State toppled Wyoming to remain in line for a BCS at-large berth. In a related story, Miss Venezuela remained in line for a berth to my pants. (EMMIRITE, YOU GUYZ?)

Elsewhere in the Mountain West, I just learned BYU isn’t in the Mountain West. Which is a shame, because I REALLY wanted to show you this awesome BYU grab.

And Miss Universe seems like a lovely gal. I bet she’d love to hang out and play Call of Duty.

14. The Panthers are now a threat to make a run to a Super Bowl? Nice try. Next you’re going to tell me it’s going to snow in Baltimore this week.

Jim Harbaugh handled everything in a TOTALLY normal way.

15. Honest question. The Perry Hall Gators play the Florida Gators in a football game next week. Who wins? I think the Baltimore County champs at least cover.

Well PHHS probably doesn’t have this one in their playbook anyway.

Plus I know my Gators would have WAY more fans in attendance.

Meanwhile in California JV football, this play was actually effective.

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