Who helped the Jets more Sunday: Ed Reed or the 15-7-0?

November 18, 2013 | Glenn Clark

6. Navy punched their ticket to the Armed Forces Bowl Saturday. Geez, these bowl names are awfully specific. I mean, what’s next? West Virginia plays in the (We Don’t Have an Indoor) Toilet Bowl?

I’m happy when Navy wins because I get to see this.

7. Ohio State has been studying up the “unable to fulfill her duties” portion of the Miss America charter in full preparation for their own fate despite stockpiling wins. Similarly, Baylor can’t figure out why it is that calls keep showing up on their phone from the name “Gillooly”.

Elsewhere in the B1G? This.

Further elsewhere in the B1G? Michigan’s holder slides better than any quarterback you know.

Good news for the Bears? If they decide who plays for the title via a headbanging competition-they’re in.

And before we move on, Gus Johnson plus Eric Ward equals SILLY FUN.

8. I saw where Marques Colston now has the most career receiving yards in Saints franchise history. That’s cool and all, but Joe Horn would like to remind you he’s still NOWHERE CLOSE to the franchise record for the most career receiving props. That one is totally safe.

Ahmad Brooks doesn’t think this hit warranted a flag. Just so you know.

9. My friend works for a team that is about to fire their coach. I was telling him, “you should think about getting that hot young coach that’s winning all of his games these days”. He said, who are you talking about? I said, “I can’t think of his name. Hang on, it will come to me.” I took a long sip of my pineapple juice and then I blurted out, “OH I REMEMBER! Greg Schiano!”

Vincent Jackson is talented.

10. Towson went down to Williamsburg and beat William & Mary in CAA play Saturday afternoon. This was a huge victory when you consider last year the Tigers were only able to beat William. It’s always so unfair to have to play both.

Big win for the Tigers.

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