Who helped the Jets more Sunday: Ed Reed or the 15-7-0?

November 18, 2013 | Glenn Clark

Seven not-so-positive observations…

1. A lot of people in Baltimore had hoped that Ed Reed would join Ray Lewis in retiring after the Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII. But truth be told, I think Reed’s tribute is just as touching. You know, the one where he promised he would never win another game in his life? Really touching tribute.

This is an a-hole who jumped out of the upper deck of the game. No. He really did.

And yet he still finishes second to “guy who let the flag rip in half” in terms of “biggest idiot in Orchard Park Sunday”.

2. On second thought Georgia, I guess you probably shouldn’t have sent your defensive backs to the new “James Ihedigbo Academy For Defending a Hail Mary”.

I honestly still don’t believe this happened.

Your reaction, Georgia coaches?

That play? Still not the most awesome thing at Jordan-Hare Saturday.

3. I always find it so stupid when people ask those dumb questions about whether a good college team would be able to beat a bad NFL team in some inexplicable fictional matchup. It’s idiotic. These games wouldn’t be close. You all know that. So why do you ask? For example, the question came up again this year and there’s just absolutely no chance in hell the Redskins would have any hope against Alabama. Stop asking.

LeSean McCoy is an American hero.

And you thought Mike Shanahan couldn’t coach anymore.

Let’s check in on Alabama, where a certain return man has no idea he ever played there.

4. While I know it’s just been a season of indignities in Houston, I did not expect it to get so bad that opposing teams would just be able to make up quarterbacks to go beat them with.

Garrett Graham did…something?

A touching moment from the game, as former President George W. Bush spent some time chatting with…Bruce Jenner?

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