The 15-7-0 has a better defense than the Washington Redskins

September 16, 2013 | Glenn Clark

6. Ohio State dropped 52 points AT Cal without their quarterback. Maybe Maryland can clone Stefon Diggs before they have to head to the Big Ten.

Jesus. Can we have your backups???

Things got so crazy in this one that even the ref wasn’t sure what was happening.

7. Chris Davis tied the Orioles’ single season home run record. I imagine the record will end up being broken by Terrance West.

FIVE MORE TOUCHDOWNS for the Towson RB in the Tigers’ win over Delaware State.  Enjoy.

Elsewhere in College Football, (look I don’t think we’re going to get to the MAC today), the Ohio U marching band decided to tackle the most important question of 2013..”What the fox say?”

8. And in Week 2, Julio Jones picked up ALL of the fantasy points.

Which is good news for this Julio Jones owner.

I think it’s touching that William Moore decided to honor Bill Goldberg like this in Atlanta…

And here’s a thing that Osi Umenyiora did…

9. The preseason hype on Seattle? VERY MUCH LEGIT.

There was a long weather delay early in the game because THERE WAS A RIP IN THE EARTH’S ATMOSPHERE OR SOME SH*T. HOLY…

Pete Carroll is about to walk right into your life.

And your thoughts, coach?

This Seahawks fan deserves a banner. You know, a David Banner.

And in this GIF, Michele Tafoya does Michele Tafoya things.

10. So you mean to tell me Navy can travel by air now as well?

Keenan Reynolds with a career high in passing yards in the Mids’ blowout win over Delaware. And when the Mids win, that means we get to see more Navy motivational videos…

I hope to watch these all season.

Elsewhere in the (technically) American Athletic Conference, South Florida probably allowed the worst touchdown of the weekend.

Elsewhere in local college football, Albright wants to compete with this one they gave up to Stevenson’s Austin Tennessee.

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