The 15-7-0 has a better defense than the Washington Redskins

September 16, 2013 | Glenn Clark

11. I didn’t keep count but I think Oregon scored 457 points against Tennessee Saturday.

But they might want to be careful what they wish for.

Elsewhere in the SEC, Ole Miss decided to step down a level and face Texas.

Further elsewhere in the SEC, an Arkansas dude really wanted to exchange helmets with a Southern Miss dude.

Oh and Steve Spurrier punted a visor. No, it’s what I said it was.

12. It might not have been the way I would have picked to get to 2-0, but the Houston Texans are 2-0 nonetheless.

I checked the Red Zone Channel because I had a few fantasy guys in this game. I came away confused.

In happier times, Kendall Wright was a poor man’s Jacoby Jones. A REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY poor man’s Jacoby Jones.

Perhaps he should help Jurrell Casey work on his celebrations.

No way the Texans were going to lose on Vanilla Ice day, were they?

13. Eddie Royal has as many TD’s in his last two games as he did in the previous three seasons combined.

Who wants to watch Philip Rivers flop???

Let’s check in with an Eagles fan for reaction.

This is a relevant photo from this game.

Was Malcom Floyd involved in some sort of play in this game?

14. I might have forgotten to tell you that Teddy Bridgewater was leading my Heisman Trophy ballot after two weeks so now I can tell you that Teddy Bridgewater is leading my Heisman Trophy ballot after three weeks.

He’s awesome and Louisville rolled past Kentucky.

Here’s my Top 3.

1. Bridgewater
2. Clemson QB Tajh Boyd
3. John Q. Football
4. Daniel Flacco
5. The guy from The Mighty Mighty Bosstones that ONLY dances and is still in the band two decades later (and they were GREAT at The Shindig).

15. The best way to describe the Jay Cutler/Marc Trestman relationship is “so far, so good”.

First they had to overcome Cordarrelle Patterson…

Also, Christian Ponder apparently brought his truck stick to work Sunday.

Turns out Charles Tillman is a hero…

The Vikes found their way into a “L” in this one. The thing is, Shea McClellin could have used one.

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