The 15-7-0 has boarded up windows and filled the tub with water

October 29, 2012 | Glenn Clark

11. So…do you think it took three or four minutes after the game for Vick Ballard to have THIS picture framed and hung on his wall?

It wouldn’t have taken me that many SECONDS.

12. Alabama and Kansas State once again handily defeated ranked teams this season. Half of this sentence would have made sense before the season.

We all assumed this would happen for the Crimson Tide a few times this season, we just didn’t know it would come on a weekend where a fan would show off the GREATEST GO-KART EVER in the Homecoming parade…

I’ll assume Bulldogs fans kinda feel like pricks after this whole thing…

Elsewhere in the SEC, apparently Kentucky hired a new coach before their game against Missouri…

And you mean to tell me there are K-State players that AREN’T named Collin Klein???

13. Ohio State-still undefeated, still not going to help.

Much like Iowa fans a week earlier, Ohio State fans were classy enough to realize that child rape isn’t something you make jokes and/or Halloween costumes about.

Elsewhere in the Big Ten, a Northwestern student was too busy reading to care about their team getting a big win over Iowa…

In fairness, Iowa fans responded by saying “it’s cool. We were too busy drinking to care about our team losing to Northwestern.”

14. Did the Broncos throw TD’s on like EVERY PLAY Sunday night against the Saints?

We don’t have enough time to show all of the SNF highlights, so instead there’s this.

Oh and this.

15. From the “other things that were fun” category, here’s the end of North Carolina-NC State.

Hey there, Wolfpack. Taylor Swift called. She said “this…is never ever ever an acceptable way to lose”…

And you thought I only labeled the end of the game as “fun” because it involved Steve Martin describing a punt as a “tail wagger.” That WAS pretty awesome though.

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