The 15-7-0 has something like a .12 blood pecan pie level

November 12, 2012 | Glenn Clark

6. Games like Sunday’s are why I can’t fathom Sean Payton coaching anywhere else next season.

You think Dunta Robinson regrets trying to tackle Chris Ivory???

What DID the Falcons do in this game? Fat Guy touchdown…

7. Reports of the Vikings’ demise were greatly exaggerated.

Holy crap, Jarius Wright plays for Minnesota?

8. Just like you predicted before the season, Kansas State is the top team in the BCS.

Klein is the “safe” boyfriend choice in the Heisman race after another workmanlike effort in the Wildcats’ win over TCU…

Notre Dame beat Boston College and is third in the BCS now. I have nothing to say about that, so here’s Gary Clark Jr. playing “Bright Lights Big City” in Philly Saturday night. I literally arrived at his first riff and departed as he finished. It was my favorite trip to Philly EVER.

9. Georgia Tech scored 68 points this weekend. Louisiana Tech scored 62. No reports on how Lincoln Tech did however.

Louisiana State crushed Texas State-who visits Navy next. Navy lost at Troy Saturday, depriving us an amazing Navy spirit video. We were NOT deprived however of Lee Corso dressing as Bill when College Gameday was on the USS San Diego…

Of course the better part of this was this sign…

Well played, sir.

10. There are reportedly players on the Buccaneers’ roster besides the Muscle Hamster.

This is Phillip Rivers doing the most Phillip Rivers thing possible…

And now here’s Mike Scifres just…playing dead…

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  1. charlie Says:

    hook ’em!

  2. Al Says:

    That pie looks almost good enough to swipe out of someone else’s shopping cart 😉 How in the world do you allow to be blown out at home by the Titans? Like President W once said about the Dolphins…”fool me twice, shame on uhhh, you can’t get fooled again!”


    (Edit from Glenn: I regret giving your boys as much love as I did. Geez.)

  3. PghSteve Says:

    Item #15 – Thank goodness Lock Haven did not break the streak the week before against my Alma Mater, Slipper Rock University. The Rock beat LHU, 35-7.

    Item # 2 in the “Not So Elite”: You mean 49ers – Rams game, I assume.

    Nick Foles – let’s not forget that QB who came in for an injured Tommy Maddox in a game against the Ravens in September of 2004. I think the guy threw 2 interceptions in about 3 quarters in that game. Steelers fans were bemoaning the early end to their season. Turned out the Steelers did not lose another game until the (sigh) AFC Championship Game against the Patriots. Not sayin’ Foles is the next Big Ben, but still…

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