The 15-7-0 has something like a .12 blood pecan pie level

November 12, 2012 | Glenn Clark

11. If the Bills end up leaving Buffalo, I assume the Patriots will campaign hard to keep them in the AFC East.

Seriously, what the hell is Stevan Ridley doing here?

Bill Belichick is absolutely reading to throw the first pitch at a minor league baseball game…

12. Towson finds itself awfully damn close to a return to the FCS playoffs.

They HANDLED Rhode Island Saturday at Unitas Stadium. Highlights to be enjoyed at your own leisure.

13. Chris Johnson put together a touchdown that can best be described as “lordy”.

This Phins fan wasn’t thrilled with the outcome, but the rest of us were thrilled to see him…

14. The Texans won a miserable, unwatchable football game Sunday that might well have wrapped up home field advantage.

Michael Bush thought this play was going to be SO awesome…

Also…Jay Cutler was concussed. This was a trend on this day.

15. Number 15 is usually for leftovers, so congratulations to Johns Hopkins, Calvert Hall, Gilman and…I dunno…Lock Haven?

Lock Haven is a DII school that had lost 52 consecutive games going into Saturday. That’s over now.!

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