The 15-7-0 hopes no one volunteered the Houston Texans as tribute

November 25, 2013 | Glenn Clark

6. This weekend’s college football results remind me about the things that matter the most in the game. You know, perseverance, strength, and iron will, trust in your teammates and 500 million dollars in donations from a billionaire benefactor that have lead to at least one or two big victories in your program’s history.

Baylor lost. And to think-they were THIS close.

It’s a shame most of the money over the years went to this guy’s hot dog budget.

ESPN’s College Gameday was in Stillwater. Enjoy.

Elsewhere in the Big 12, you will never forget you saw this.

Somehow he’s not the strangest person in the crowd at the ISU game.

7. Duke is all but certain to play for the ACC championship. So if you need me I’ll just be in the other room enjoying a nice chilled glass of dish detergent.

Checking in on a semi-ACC team, here’s Notre Dame’s marching band maybe moving ahead of Ohio State’s.

8. So if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were in the AFC they would be in a playoff race right now. Let that settle in. Is it settled yet? It really shouldn’t take this long. Are you even paying attention? Okay. I’m going to yell “BOOBS” really loud and see what happens. “BOOOBSSS!” I knew you weren’t paying attention.

Let’s just say it. Joseph Fauria > Jacoby Jones.

Also, Nate Burleson is great. Not great enough to get a win, but great.

9. So the Arizona Cardinals are 7-4 and coming off a blowout win over one of the best wins in the AFC. Please file this as reason number 5,469,201,833 why you should NEVER bet money on sports.

Ricky Jean Francois doesn’t care for things like scoreboards and recognition of game situations.

Patrick Peterson wore some pretty freaking incredible cleats.

10. Don’t worry, Ohio State. I spent a TON of time in high school tagging along with my buddy Chris and his smokin’ hot girlfriend Amy. They always loved having me around-which I could tell because they were always telling me they’d meet me somewhere at like six and then would be so nervous about being ready to meet me that it would take until like 9:30 for them to get there. Sometimes they would be so nervous that they would never even make it. Yep, being the third wheel is totally stinking awesome.

How weird was it when Ohio State was still fourth in BCS rankings behind their own marching band?

Elsewhere in the B1G, looks like it was a pretty pleasant day in Minnesota all things considered.

Further elsewhere in the B1G, checking in with Michigan State’s Bennie Fowler…

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