The 15-7-0 hopes no one volunteered the Houston Texans as tribute

November 25, 2013 | Glenn Clark

11. Tony Romo came up REALLY big in the 4th quarter against the Giants, which is REALLY good for the Cowboys and REALLY bad for the talking head types in sports media. REALLY. REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY.

I haven’t figured out how to work “LOL” into the word “Cowboys” yet.

Did you know Cullen Jenkins played for the Giants? Honestly.

Jason Hatcher did the thing every guy does when he isn’t aware he’s going to be dancing.

12. Benny Cunningham ran wild for the Rams in their win over the Bears. When reached for comment, his father Richie responded by exclaiming “I FOUND MY THRILL….ON BLUEBERRY HILL” and his dad’s friend Arthur screamed out “AAAAYYYY”.

What’s more amazing is that the Rams won despite Kellen Clemens doing THIS.

13. Morgan State wrapped up their 2013 campaign with a win over Delaware State. This was a really good win. Also a really good win? Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has a 42% job approval rating compared to President Obama’s 41%. Just wins all around.

I doubt I’m going to get around to an AAC category, so here’s this.

14. If the playoffs started today, the Titans would be in. Also if the playoffs started today we would have completely skipped Thanksgiving and I’m NOT FREAKING MISSING LEFTOVER TURKEY AND CRANBERRY SAUCE SANDWICHES SO STOP ASKING TO SKIP TO THE START OF THE PLAYOFFS.

Fake spikes for everyone!

15. Former Terp Geroy Simon scored two TD’s to lift Saskatchewan to the Grey Cup title. So like I always say, Geroy Simon is to the Roughriders what DMX is to the Ruff Ryders.

This is a picture of something Grey Cup-related. I think.

This may or may not also be Grey Cup-related.


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