The 15-7-0 hopes no one volunteered the Houston Texans as tribute

November 25, 2013 | Glenn Clark

Seven not-so-positive observations…

1. Make fun of them all you want, but I think it’s sweet that the Houston Texans decided to show solidarity with the rest of their city. You know, they did the same thing that’s going to happen to the Astrodome. Implosion.

You have to respect Andre Johnson’s honesty.

2. They couldn’t use “Fear The Turtle” forever, but perhaps Maryland football could have gone with a better new slogan than “One step forward, Three steps back”?

But at least the fan in attendance still has Edsall fever.

At this point the athletic department is just making up crazy ways to say “we’re sorry, Ralph Friedgen.”

Sadly, Will Likely likely didn’t write a will before this untimely demise at the hands of Andre Williams.

3. I know a lot of good teams tend to rest their starting quarterbacks down the stretch in order to get ready for the playoffs but I have to admit I found the Broncos’ strategy to implement this at halftime against the Patriots more than a little questionable.

Bill Belichick is smiling because he KNOWS he’s Satan.

The game was going along just fine right until the aliens attacked in the middle of a punt.

This young lady has NO IDEA what she’s asking for.

There is no one that enjoys football (or anything else) as much as this man.

Breaking news. Tom Brady DIDN’T stop making bad decisions at halftime.

4. Don’t worry Florida. A lot of great teams have lost to Georgia Southern in recent years. It’s an exclusive club that includes the likes of Savannah State, St. Francis Pennsylvania, Howard, Presbyterian and something called Tusculum. And for what it’s worth, I’m at least semi-convinced the Gators could actually have half a chance to beat Tusculum.

But when you think about it, sometimes a quarterback just really heats up for a day.

You kinda understand where this guy is coming from.

Elsewhere in the SEC, Vandy pulled off a fake jump pass. I’ll assume Jim Caldwell will have Tyrod Taylor run this play six times next week.

Further elsewhere in the SEC, Zach Mettenberg.

Which isn’t half as great as this.

And not a millionth as adorable as this.

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