The 15-7-0 is made up of 60% water, 40% leftover turkey and cranberry relish

November 26, 2012 | Glenn Clark

6. Peyton Manning is now second behind Brett Favre for all time QB wins. How long before Favre un-retires again to make sure Peyton never reaches him?

Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel showed some heart in the loss…

Maybe he was trying to figure out how the brilliantly conceived “Peyton Hillis throws the ball to Brady Quinn” play didn’t work…

For what it’s worth, Matt Cassel made the best play of his season in the loss…

7. Okay, the cheerleaders shaving their heads during the Colts win basically stands as the moment of the year.

Apparently the Bills played the Colts Sunday. I have no idea. I just know this was amazing.

So was this.

I hate the Colts being the feel good story of the year. I hate cancer WAY more though. Also…can I see the Colts’ mascot again?

Yeah. That’s TOTALLY not weird.

8. Congratulations to Ohio State for that thing we’re not supposed to talk about.

The Buckeyes’ win over Michigan came complete with an AWESOME “Yackety Sax” moment…



On the whole, the Buckeyes did EXACTLY what their coach asked them to do…

How’s former Ravens DC Greg Mattison doing these days???

9. Just like everyone thought before the season, Stanford will host UCLA in the Pac-12 title game next week.

LA Times columnist thinks the Bruins may have not tried very hard to beat the Cardinal Saturday because Jim Mora preferred a rematch at Stanford to having to face Oregon in the title game Friday night. It made for a fun back and forth…

Oh…did I say “fun”? I meant “really uncomfortable.” Almost as uncomfortable as looking at Andre Berto after he lost his fight to Robert Guerrero…

10. For some reason I want to remain skeptical about the Atlanta Falcons. I look dumber and dumber by the week.

Who wants to see Matt Bryant miss an impossibly short field goal?

Mason Foster and the Bucs may have lost, but can anyone who does a great Ric Flair impression REALLY be considered a loser???

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