The 15-7-0 is so good you’d forfeit every draft pick to get it

December 02, 2013 | Glenn Clark

11. Can’t help but notice Anquan Boldin had another big day for the 49ers Sunday. Also couldn’t help but notice that Brandon Stokley is about to set the record with his 5,742,901,676,239,844th consecutive day on the injury report. But before you get mad, the stories are totally unrelated. I swear.

The internet provides you THIS image of Jim Harbaugh. You better make sure you say thank you to the internet.

Vernon Davis is starring in a rather interesting video.

He probably likes this one better.

12. Elsewhere in the SEC, Missouri will be the other half of the Championship Game. Missouri alums have been delighted to receive so many congratulatory texts in the last few days. They haven’t exactly loved getting five times as many texts asking “By the way, when the hell did you guys join the SEC?”

You can tell Mizzou hasn’t been near the top of the college football food chain for long, because they don’t understand how boastful signs are supposed to work.

ESPN is also struggling with Mizzou’s turnaround.

Just a slew of confusion all around.

Also, ever wonder what happened to the bullpen car Jake Taylor stole in Major League?

And this is Tigers OL Max Copeland. I tell you that, because in this moment I’m not so certain he still knew who he was.

13. Tony Gonzalez scored his 108th career TD Sunday in Toronto. Based on the Canadian conversion rate, his touchdowns are worth exactly the same as 648 rouges. I bet you’re impressed now, Mr. Radcliffe.

The most exciting thing that happened in the game?

Oh and this.

14. Adrian Peterson went over 200 yards again for the Vikings in the win over the Bears. I believe the play the Vikes ran the most was called “PLEASE AP SAVE US BECAUSE WE HAD TO PLAY MATT CASSEL AGAIN!”


Alshon Jeffery had quite the day in the loss.

In other news, Cordarrelle Patterson is awkward.

15. I would congratulate local schools like Franklin and Douglass for making it to the MPSSAA state finals, but apparently they didn’t get the memo that PERRY HALL LOST SO HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL IS CANCELLED FOREVER STOP PLAYING ALREADY YOU TERRIBLE PEOPLE!

Nothing that happened in these games was interesting as Lucas Graham to Nathan Dunn in Tennessee so…SORRY.

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