The 15-7-0 is so good you’d forfeit every draft pick to get it

December 02, 2013 | Glenn Clark

Seven not-so-positive observations…

1. The New York Jets aren’t the worst five win team in the NFL, they’re the worst five win team in the history of football. Or any other sport. Or even most activities. Even activities like mock debate. That’s right. The New York Jets are worse than the Jefferson Middle School mock debate team that went 5-95 in 1987. Yeah. It’s that bad.

Mike Wallace celebrated a TD by doing the “Jet wings”. He realized he was playing against the worst team EVER, right?

2. I like aggressiveness as much as the next guy, but maybe Brady Hoke erred when he decided to refer to his “What Would Rob Ford Do” bracelet at the end of the Ohio State game.

Your reaction, Devin Gardner?

Why didn’t the Wolverines run THIS play on the conversion?

Braxton Miller DOES NOT SUCK.

Buckeyes OL Marcus Hall was ejected from the game. As you’d imagine-he handled it with a great deal of dignity and respect.

I wonder if the Buckeyes were excited to find out Alabama lost?

Elsewhere in the B1G, this Wisconsin fan.

And finally elsewhere in the Big Ten, Illinois did something…good. Honestly!

3. The fact that Cecil Shorts III’s career highlight is now catching a touchdown against the Cleveland Browns is actually kinda depressing. More depressing? He grew up rooting for the Browns. I’m so sorry.

I give you “Browns fan”.

Josh Gordon still available for a second round pick?

4. The Washington Football Club was officially eliminated from postseason contention Sunday night. But that’s cool because I’m pretty sure no one in DC really had any sort of expectations for this team this season.

There was some late drama when it turns out this was ACTUALLY a third down. It makes sense considering the marker says “1”.

RG3 killin’ it.

I had hoped to make it to the game myself, but these ticket prices are just plain out of control.

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