There’s absolutely no replacement for the 15-7-0

September 10, 2012 | Glenn Clark

8. Arizona, Oregon State and UCLA did things Saturday you wouldn’t necessarily expect Arizona, Oregon State and UCLA to do.

Hell of a weekend for the Pac-12 (except for…well, we’ll get to that later).

The Wildcats stunned Oklahoma State in Tucson…

The Beavers shocked Danny O’Brien and Wisconsin in Corvallis…

And the Bruins upset Nebraska at the Rose Bowl…

Don’t forget, you can watch Pac-12 action all year long on the Pac-12 Network if you’re one of the seven people in the country that can see it!

9. Florida State really deserves a measure of good will for kindness Saturday.

The Seminoles didn’t play their starters for even a full quarter in their blowout (but rain shortened) win over 70.5 point underdogs Savannah State…

I could keep talking about this, but there are other interesting stories from college football-namely Northwestern. Apparently the Wildcats not only use hash tags in their marching band script, but if you look closer they also had a very cool mid-field 9/11 tribute happening…

10. Ravens fans have to hope Blair Walsh’s success is a good omen for rookie kickers.

If you’re like me, the support Vikings punter Chris Kluwe showed Brendon Ayanbadejo last week was enough to make you pull for Minnesota Sunday. Also if you’re like me, you’re an Adrian Peterson owner who giggled at the thought of keeping him on the bench against the Jaguars…

Nothing quite like being asked to save your team from a crushing defeat by having to kick a 55 yarder in your FIRST NFL GAME!

(We’re looking at you, Justin Tucker.)

11. Remember how we all thought Houston and Atlanta would be pretty good this season? Houston and Atlanta looked pretty good in Week 1.

I don’t think there was anything particularly hilarious that happened in either of these games. Unless you consider three interceptions from Dolphins rookie QB Ryan Tannehill to be hilarious (and you might!)…

There really wasn’t anything hilarious in Kansas City. Okay, I lied again. There was the Chiefs defense…

These are good teams. Note that.

12. Obviously the Oklahoma Sooners need to invite Blake Griffin to offer motivational speeches more often.

Unfortunately I can’t embed Griffin’s explanation of the speech he gave before the team’s win over Florida A&M. Instead I can offer a transcript.

“I literally told them to score more points than the other team. That was it.”

Brilliant. You think Ray Lewis could have come up with that???

13. It’s WAY easier to root for Peyton Manning when he doesn’t play for the team that abandoned your city.

At least of course until the Ravens have to play him. Then…then I won’t root for him at all. But while he’s kicking the Pittsburgh Steelers’ collective asses, I’m all in.

Oh and here’s a picture of Von Miller “Tebowing”. This is the last time ever, right? Right?

14. You’ll see a bunch of fun plays this season. This one handed Hail Mary catch from Southern Utah will undoubtedly be one of them.

SPOILER ALERT: The Bears still won…

SPOILER ALERT PART 2: That dude just earned an average of 1.5 free meals per week for the rest of his life.

15. I have absolutely no idea why Muhammad Ali was in Owings Mills Sunday, but the level of awesome on display is almost too much for me to handle.

I guess it had something to do with Jack Harbaugh? I don’t particularly care…check all of the WIN in the pictures…

Effing fantastic.

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  1. joe of bel air Says:

    Cundiff made all 4 of his FGs because none were over 45 yards. If they changed the rules and said you can only try FGs from 45 yards and closer Cundiff would still be a Raven. Go Justin Tucker, Eff Billy the choker

  2. Vince Says:

    32 yards is even closer

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