The 15-7-0 goes back, goes back, goes back into the woods

September 23, 2013 | Glenn Clark

6. Are we 100 percent certain that Nick Saban isn’t capable of coaching BOTH Alabama and Texas?

Because in Austin, there’s this.

But I’m not sure why anyone would want Mack Brown out…I mean, things are going GREAT.

Which looks awfully similar to how things are going in Tuscaloosa, really.

Elsewhere in the SEC…this?

And Holly Rowe got a great interview with Shaq’s torso…

Les Miles is apparently P. Diddy…

Further elsewhere in the SEC…

7. I’m sorry I didn’t return your calls Sunday night. I was busy trying to figure out how many leagues I could still get Kenbrell Thompkins back in after dropping him last week.

Here’s Tom Brady yelling at…yeah, I haven’t the foggiest.

8. Trent Richardson’s schedule for the weekend: 1. Show up in new place. 2. Score touchdown. 3. Introduce myself to new teammates.

Looks like it worked out.

Also, things haven’t been going so well for Colin Kaepernick ever since he stole Joe Flacco’s Mighty Wings…

Your thoughts, Colin?

9. Stanford is the national championship you’re probably not talking about. Don’t feel bad, no one else is either.

Arizona State REALLY tried to help them Saturday night…

To which Sun Devils coach Todd Graham said…

10. The Dolphins are doing it with guys that you have not only not heard of yet, you will probably never hear of them.

Their touchdown to beat the Falcons was caught by something called Dion Sims. Dion Sims???

It’s been a long time since there have been meaningful games in South Florida. Fans there are still struggling with how to dress for them.

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