The 15-7-0 goes back, goes back, goes back into the woods

September 23, 2013 | Glenn Clark

11. Jake Locker. NFL qua….NFL quar…NFL quart…NFL quarter….NFL QUARTERBACK?

I just…I just can’t. I just don’t.

Meanwhile the game’s OTHER quarterback…

12. I can only assume it will be around Week 8 or 9 that College Gameday emanates from Towson.

The Tigers got a bit of a test at NC Central, but they certainly weren’t going to lose…

Meanwhile Gameday was in Fargo, where Lee Corso did this.

13. Since it was “pay me to get my ass kicked weekend”, what do you think the tab was for the Seattle Seahawks Sunday?

The Jags REALLY don’t want to sign Tim Tebow? REALLY?

14. Jimmy Graham > Alexander Graham Bell > Albert Belle.

In the Cardinals’ loss, the Honey Badger picked up his first career interception. In honor of that, here’s “Badger” from Breaking Bad narrating the “Honey Badger” video. Enjoy.

15. When I heard Perry Hall won a game 44-0 I had just assumed the opponent was UConn.

Speaking of UConn…

I mean, Perry Hall DEFINITELY has better helmets than the Huskies.

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