The 15-7-0 is snowed in & drunk. And still more functional than the Washington Football Club.

December 09, 2013 | Glenn Clark

11. Carson Palmer completed 27 of 32 pass attempts for the Cardinals in their win over the Rams. It’s worth noting that exactly one year ago today, QB John Skelton threw four interceptions as the Arizona Cardinals lost 58-0 to the Seattle Seahawks. When reached for comment, Skelton said he enjoyed Palmer’s performance-just wish he would have been able to pay closer attention instead of having to watch the game between wiping down tables at his neighborhood Buffalo Wild Wings.

Darnell Dockett DEFINITELY didn’t do anything wrong on this play.

12. Baylor officially won their first Big 12 title Saturday by beating Texas. It’s a pretty exciting time in Waco, especially considering that that when you Google search “Big Events in Waco”, something comes up called a “Camp Coffee Cobbler and Jam”. Although now that I think about it, I love Cobbler. Any of you guys wanna go to Waco?

What an incredibly practical sign.

Here’s a play Baylor ran where they lined three guys up. You make your own jokes.

Elsewhere in the Big 12, Mike Tomlin got a new job as a cheerleader?

13. The appropriate thing to do would be to congratulate Central Florida on winning the the American Athletic Conference. The more realistic thing to do would be to giggle a few times at the name “Clint Bortles” and then remind them that they just won something called the AAC that no one has ever actually heard of and then giggle a few more times at the name “Clint Bortles”.

There were at least four or five SMU fans in attendance for this game. They got it.

Elsewhere Fresno State won the Mountain West which was infinitely cooler because they had a championship belt.

14. Bobby Rainey ran for an 80 yard TD as the Buccaneers beat the Bills in a game one witness described as “having legally happened and officially recognized in the NFL record books…for some reason”.

No human being watched this game, but if they had I imagine it would have felt like watching…this.

15. Congratulations to Middletown, Fort Hill, Franklin and Northwest for winning the MPSSAA football finals this weekend. The greatest thing I ever accomplished in high school was the time I showed up and got a ton of compliments for looking great on “Pajamas Day” despite the fact that I had no idea it was “School Spirit Week”.

These were big wins, but they didn’t include the awesomeness a Mississippi team had.

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