The 15-7-0 is snowed in & drunk. And still more functional than the Washington Football Club.

December 09, 2013 | Glenn Clark

5. Arizona State hosted the Pac-12 Championship Game and then proceeded to lose to Stanford by 24 points. It’s like that time I invited a girl over for dinner and she threw away all of my Gin Blossoms CD’s and lit my favorite hat on fire. It was a miserable night after I TOTALLY broke up with her three dates later.

Nothing really to add here. Except maybe this.

6. You see, this is why the Lions can’t have nice things. No-not because they always seem to give them away at the biggest moment-because they live in Detroit and inevitably someone will probably end up stealing them and trying to pawn them for three dollars because no one in the city has any money. And also because of the giving them away at the biggest moment thing. That too.

Somewhere in here is (allegedly) Nick Foles. Don’t pretend like you can find him either.

Calvin Johnson is your next Batman villain.

At least Jeremy Ross had a great time.

Remember the time the Eagles returned an extra point for…nothing at all?

And now, this guy.

7. The New York Giants allowed 388 yards of total offense in a blowout loss to San Diego that eliminated them from postseason contention. This seems bad, but what you don’t know is this was actually a nod to a fellow New Jersey-an, as the book “Lady Blue Eyes: My Life With Frank” which was told from the perspective of Frank Sinatra’s fourth wife Barbara clocked in at 388 pages. Pretty neat stuff.

It was cool how San Diego fans also proved they were TOTALLY over the whole Eli Manning thing.

And our “zero” from outside the world of football…

And by “zero” we mean the number of good players the Orioles will sign in Orlando after raising season ticket prices this week.

Pretty good effort from our own intern Ethan.

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