The 15-7-0 thinks Calvin Johnson is probably worth screaming about

October 28, 2013 | Glenn Clark

6. Oregon football: second in the BCS standings, first in making opposing fans say “42-14? Wasn’t this just a tie game like five minutes ago?

College Gameday was in Eugene before the win over UCLA. They provided us the type of television we simply can’t get enough of.

And if the Ducks make it to the championship (presumably against Alabama?), they’ll probably petition that the teams play Scrabble instead of football.

7. Florida State might have dropped to third in the BCS rankings, but their national championship hopes are just fine. Well, they’re definitely better than Frostburg State’s title hopes anyway.

The ‘Noles easily took care of NC State Saturday. Let’s check in to see how the Wolfpack cheerleaders reacted to cutting the deficit to 42-10 at one point.

I would tell you more about the football, but you know the story-Jameis Winston is good. Also good? The band’s tribute to Bobby Bowden Saturday in Tallahassee.

The Seminoles get Miami next in a matchup of undefeateds. FSU will need to spend the week teaching their defensive backs how to cover receivers that are laying flat on the field.

8. I’m sorry, did I say Jimmy Graham was doubtful? What I meant was that he was doubtful…to not skulldrag the Bills’ defense, emmirite?

Well you could have started Kenny Stills in his place…

Also, Lance Moore clearly took dance lessons from me.

9. Andy Dalton is absolutely red hot right now. And it’s pretty safe to imagine that’s the first time he’s heard that phrase in his life when it wasn’t someone making fun of his hair.

Marvin Jones caught four TD’s today before you scrambled to your waiver wire. This one was the spinniest.

10. Towson has now taken both the CAA Tournament and football dignity away from Richmond in the last year. I would warn Richmond to lock up the pretty women before the Tigers’ next visit but I don’t think that’s particularly applicable.

I wonder if Terrance West did anything in this game?

Oh. That seems good.

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