The 15-7-0 is still mathematically alive to win the NFC East

December 16, 2013 | Glenn Clark

11. The Colts improved to 12-0 all time against the Texans with their win Sunday. You’d think the 12 losses would be an issue for Indy, but what you don’t know is that it is an obvious tribute to the great Lothar Spath, who served 12 years as the Minister-President of Germany from the late 1970’s to the early 1990’s. Very sweet tribute, Houston. Very sweet.

How are things going for Case Keenum these days?

12. Congratulations to CJ Brown on being named Maryland football MVP at the team’s annual awards banquet. Which is way better than last year when they gave the award to a little known Fullback named “Athletic Tape”.

And in basketball, this is pretty random-right?

13. The Carolina Panthers control their own destiny to win the NFC South. The New York Jets sadly no longer control their own destiny. You know, to win a daytime Emmy. Because of the team in our nation’s capital. They’re now a shoo-in.

An offensive lineman is about to enter your life.

14. Peyton Manning was named SI’s Sportsman of the Year for 2013. In a release, Manning said “I would like to thank SI for recognizing my accomplishments and also for not giving this award out in February to make everything so awkward”.

But wait, there’s more.

15. AJ McCarron came to Baltimore Friday night to accept the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award and also to render all future photographs for the rest of time useless.

Just go home, other photographers.

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