The 15-7-0 is still mathematically alive to win the NFC East

December 16, 2013 | Glenn Clark

Seven not-so-positive observations…

1. Of all of the games the Cowboys have Romo-ed over the years, this is the Romo-ey-ist Romo they’ve ever freaking Romo-ed. Their defense Romo-ed, their offense Romo-ed, their Romo most certainly Romo-ed. I mean, I’ve seen Romo-ing, but this was so Romo-ish I almost can’t even believe it Romo-ed. Romo. Romo Romo Romo Romo Romo Romo Romo.

This play just reeks of Romo.

How Dez Bryant holdin’ up?

Hard to even remember the happier times, huh?

And this?

This was before the final pick. It’s like seeing into the future.

2. The Washington Football Club decided to go for two late against Atlanta because they didn’t want the game to end up tied. In fact, I believe the quote Mike Shanahan gave after the game was…”a tie? A TIE? We didn’t a tie! A tie is like kissing your Cousins”.

RG3 getting new marketing money.

Anybody know what happened on this play?

Josh Wilson wishes he would have been RG3-ed.

3. Spotted at a bar in Austin, Texas Saturday night: Mack Brown throwing darts at a board with Mark Morrison’s picture on it and screaming “MAYBE IT WAS YOU WHO WAS LYING ALL ALONG, MARK”.

Here’s a logical response.

4. Sure the rest of the NFC East is a disaster, but at least they have the Philadelphia Eagles. Things may have gone wrong for New York, Dallas and Washington but thankfully Philly has been MUCH better. Who’d they have on their schedule this weekend? Minnesota? With no Adrian Peterson? And no Toby Gerhart? A sure-fire win if I’ve ever seen one. Yep, all is well in the NFC East thanks to Chip Kelly’s crew. Wait. What’s that? They did what now? Hey did you guys know the Cardinals USED to be in the NFC East? Totally counts.

Not only did the Vikes trounce the Eagles, they wouldn’t even help DeSean Jackson off the ground!

In a related story, Jared Allen doing a thing.

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