The 15-7-0 loves unicorns and show ponies but hates Tom Brady comebacks

October 14, 2013 | Glenn Clark

6. David Berdan might have won the Baltimore Marathon, but that’s mostly because the Oregon football team wasn’t available to participate Saturday.

Before the game, College Gameday was in Seattle. The signs were mostly awful, but also this.

Reason number 1,888,453,987,432 why College Gameday is better than what you’re currently watching on TV.

7. Big win, Utes! Non-caffeinated sodas and absolutely no pre-marital sex for everyone!

But in the loss, ummm….

8. Unfortunately there will be no number eight this week because it was sacked and likely dismembered by the Chiefs’ defense.

When this came up, the first thing Terrelle Pryor thought to do was check down to Ray Rice.

Getting there was actually a fascinating read.

Apparently the game was quite the family affair.

9. The Broncos joined the Chiefs in getting bowl eligible Sunday, the Broncos’ sixth win just involved more fans having to change underpants at halftime than KC’s.

Quick: name that Manning.

No, but really.

10. So the guy that won the Heisman Trophy last year? Turns out that guy is actually pretty good at football still.

But not without a moment where Aggies fans all collectively SCREAMED.

But then, THIS.


Elsewhere in the SEC, LSU’s play calls are freaking weird.

Maybe he’s just trying to figure out what’s up with his kicker.

Here’s some more Les Miles talking about…I mean, I have no freaking clue.

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