The 15-7-0 loves unicorns and show ponies but hates Tom Brady comebacks

October 14, 2013 | Glenn Clark

11. The Seattle Seahawks have won 11 straight home games, which is notable because it ties the number of consecutive UMB World Three-cushion billiards championships Raymond Ceulemans won from 1963 to 1974.

Ever wonder why kickers run out of the way instead of actually trying to bring down return men? Former Raven Steve Hauschka would like to help explain.

This one went exactly as the Hawks drew it up.

And here’s Jason McCourty doing a thing.

12. Yes, I thought it was a good thing that the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Jets Sunday. I also thought it trading for Michael Morse was a good thing though so I don’t think you should consider my judgment to have biblical accuracy.

But at least it didn’t come without a level of hilarity previously reserved for Mark Sanchez.

This GIF SB Nation made of punter Zoltan Mesko photobombing Ben Roethlisberger will TOTALLY FREAK YOU OUT.

13. The way I imagine it, there was more than one bar in Austin, Texas pumping out Mark Morrison’s incredibly underrated 1996 smash hit.

A favorite moment from the Red River Rivalry? RUMBLE, LARGE MAN, RUMBLE.

Someone in Oklahoma learned something from Steve Hauschka this weekend.

Elsewhere in the Big 12, Baylor scored 35 points. What, did they only play one quarter? All class in Manhattan.

14. The thing about Arizona is that it’s not so much the heat that will get you, it’s way more the Vernon Davis.

You MIGHT want to think about covering him.

Didn’t see you there, NaVorro Bowman.

15. Perry Hall crushed Woodlawn 56-6 Friday, which would be more exciting but I actually had the spread at 51.5.

I’ll assume the Gators celebrated the victory with…yeah, you guessed it. A Boy Dance Party.

And also from SNL, high school kids should probably start studying up now.

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