The 15-7-0 loves unicorns and show ponies but hates Tom Brady comebacks

October 14, 2013 | Glenn Clark

Seven not-so-positive observations…

1. Duke? DUKE? I’d rather lose to Syria than Duke! (Editor’s note: I only sort of mostly completely mean that.)

I mean, at least Keenan Reynolds and the Mids were able to take some (I assume) long standing frustrations out on officials?

Elsewhere in Academy football, Army played Eastern Michigan. They were winners-and not just because they were the ones that weren’t wearing these helmets.

2. At this point the dysfunction happening in Tampa Bay is at about a “Guns N Roses Chinese Democracy” level, correct?

I stand by this decision from the Maryland game Saturday.

Watch how this somehow ends up being Darrelle Revis’ ball.

3. And apparently the Houston Texans were at about a “Shakespeare’s Othello” level of jealousy towards the amount of dysfunction happening in Tampa Bay.

In a moment of life imitating life, in this animation Matt Schaub is hanging on for dear life.

And now playing the role of Matt Schaub will be TJ Yates…

VY is pretty much just making the Tim Tebow argument here, right?

4. Missouri got into the SEC title race just in time…to lose their quarterback and likely get knocked out of the SEC title race.

Or perhaps they had another quarterback in mind?

Hey but at least Max Scherzer got a swell sweatshirt out of the deal.

Elsewhere in the SEC East, Steve Spurrier is the BEST.

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