The Baltimore Ravens are 9-2 right? Cmon Ravens fans, show some love

November 27, 2012 | Josh Michael

The Baltimore Ravens are 9-2 on the season and currently hold the number 2 seed in the AFC, but if you listen to sports radio and watch the so called “experts” on tv (clear’s throat…Skip Bayless) you would never know it.

I am getting sick and tired of this, THE RAVENS ARE 9-2!!!!! In 11 games, they have won 9 of them! There are 29 other teams in the NFL that would take that and the media would be praising any of those teams if they were 9-2. So why the unsatisfaction in RavensNation? Easy, we have been so fortunate to have a team that has been to the Playoffs four straight seasons (about to be a fifth) that now winning is simply not good enough, you have to win big and win pretty…BS!

In the NFL, where you do not have to impress a selection committee or win big for style points in polls and make sure you are in the top 2 in order to win a championship, all you have to do is win and make the playoffs in order to have a shot to win the Super Bowl. I do not care how the Ravens get wins, all I care about is that they do win! Do not get me wrong, are there certain apsects of their game that need improving? Sure, there always are, but if they win, I am HAPPY!

It took a 4th and 29 conversion in order to beat the Chargers…..SO WHAT, thanks to Ray Rice and the entire offense on that play, the Ravens did convert and they did beat the Chargers!

It’s Steelers’ Suck week!

9-2….That is all!