The Draft

April 27, 2008 |

First thing, I don’t want to be the guy who analysis the Ravens’ draft as if he’s done it before.

In the world of college recruiting, if I like four kids, and those four kids like my school, I get four kids. I don’t have to worry about other schools getting a pick before me to get those kids.

In the NFL, you have to get the best possible player at a position of need, who’s still on the board when you pick.

Having said that, the Ravens had that burden in the draft.

Having watched them all year, I thought the biggest need was rushing the quarterback and coverage in the secondary. I believe those two issues are linked together. I thought we lost football games because of that more than quarterback issues and back-up running back issues.

The Ravens chose Joe Flacco in the first round and by all indications, he was their guy at that spot.

I don’t like the Ray Rice pick, because I thought they should have gone defensive end or defensive back.

However, after speaking with Casey Willet during the draft, who knows the Ravens as well as anyone in the media, I like the depth that was added at the offensive line positions. But that does cause me to ask the question, “Are there any jobs on the line with the offensive line?”

Hopefully, this draft will help the Ravens execute their plan in the years to come. They still have three picks to go. Let’s see where they go from here.